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Thinking Outside the Box

Boiling it down – Vision, Culture and a Visual Elevator Pitch

When I started wapisasa, nearly a year ago, there were so many ideas that formed part of my vision. Some of these ideas have been shelved – whilst others have evolved into reality. I had an early “concept map” of wapisasa in order to get buy-in to the vision, but when I was asked by […]

What is the Goal of Education?

Learning I believe in learning. Whenever I learn something new it makes me feels good – it makes me feel alive. I’ve moved forward; I’ve realised something – a moment of clarity. Over the years I’ve been in existence, I’ve come to the conclusion that I learn best when I’m out of my comfort zone […]

So what is wapisasa? – the movie

If you’re wondering what wapisasa is and how it works and you’ve only got 3 minutes of life to spare, then you’ve come to the right place. wapisasa – how it works We recently put this video together to explain how wapisasa works, in order to apply to some good people for some funding support. […]


Do you want to be a [ROOKIE] ?

Maybe you have been mucking around with technology for a while – a bedroom developer possibly? If you’ve got some digital smarts, a load of enthusiasm, and some character, then you’re likely to fit right in to our hands-on digital apprenticeship programme.

At wapisasa we believe that the best way of learning is by being thrown in at the deep end. Real work, real clients, real solutions.

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The wapisasa concept

The wapisasa concept

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